Empowerment of Young People

Empowerment of Young People

Identify your vocation and live it. We dare and we win!

Young people shape our future. They face tremendous challenges in a world of crisis. Each one of them can offer a unique contribution. Self assertiveness, self-regulation, mindfulness and courage are required. Golf has proven to be an excellent tool to experience and incorporate these life skills. This was the astonishing result of the work of Living Golf in a poverty-stricken township in South Africa, funded by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews in Scotland. From 2014-2020 Living Golf continued this work in Scotland with schools and health & social care organisations. It confirmed golf has the ability to empower all young people, independent of capabilities and backgrounds. In 2021 Franz Rolinck moved Living Golf to Germany. After residing 38 years overseas he is dedicated to apply his experience also in his home country: to empower young people to trust themselves and boldly develop solutions for the future. Living Golf for Peace Tournaments raise funds to finance Living Golf for Empowerment Programmes for Young People.

South Africa

"Golf is not for old people, it is like a drug, it strengthens resilience and teaches, what successful, powerful, motivated and performance-orientated young people require."

Bernhard von Limburger


"….they are having a fantastic time - good for the soul!"

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Living Golf’s portfolio includes as well Living Golf for Peace Tournaments to raise funds financing Living Golf for Empowerment of young people.