Living Golf for Peace

Living Golf for Peace

From othering to belonging. Together we can make it!

We promote and organise Living Golf for Peace Tournaments, which emphasise inclusivity: Golf as a tool to unite nations, cultures and people of all races, colours, beliefs and abilities.
Living Golf for Peace is played as a Texas Scramble, the most inclusive format to create connectedness, teamwork and cooperation. All participants are encouraged to take risks in the process of making their individual contribution, under the protection of their team. The reward is both: the unfolding of inner potential and team excellence.

What‘s more: Living Golf for Peace serves a Common Good:
• Its format promotes inner and outer peace amongst all participants;
• Being, Becoming & Belonging enhances connectedness between players and teams;
• Revenues and sponsorships from the tournaments are used to empower the young generation via the tool of golf.

Living Golf for Peace Tournaments are an outstanding contributor for young and old to better face current challenges, globally and locally.

Living Golf for Peace Tournaments have been organized so far in South Africa and Portugal. The next one is scheduled for Germany.

Living Golf for Peace Tournaments:

South Africa



Which golf course will host the 1st Living Golf for Peace Tournament in Germany? Will it be in the Leipzig region? It can take place in the 2nd of 2022 or in the 1st half of 2023. If you are interested, please contact us!

Living Golf for Peace Tournaments raise funds to finance
Empowerment of Young People.