It’s a doorway to connect body and soul - Loving Life!

Living Golf is more than a doorway to health and well-being. It enhances consciousness and effortless excellence. Living Golf - Loving Life!

Special in 2023

Living Golf & Flow

Life Force or Vitality is a wonderful gift. It’s the basis of our well-being, health and performance in private, professional and public life . . .

Living Golf for Peace

We promote and organise Living Golf for Peace Tournaments, which emphasise inclusivity . . .

Empowerment of Young People

Young people shape our future. They face tremendous challenges in a world of crisis. Each one of them can offer a unique contribution . . .


Living Golf, founded by Franz Rolinck in 2001, is dedicated to an innovative approach to golf, based on ancient wisdom. In the West, success is largely considered a result of control, striving and working hard. The shadow side of it are burn-out, depression, anxiety & shame. Eastern philosophers emphasize the concept of effortless action or the state of flow to achieve high performances. Athletes and especially golfers refer to this as „Being in the Zone“. Living Golf invites this way of living by combining mindfulness, stress reduction & relaxation with focus, cooperation, and connectedness. It encourages enthusiasm, trust, risk taking, self-confidence and commitment. Golf becomes a metaphor for a harmonious, healthy and joyful approach to life and its daily challenges: „Living Golf - Loving Life“

Living Golf offers opportunities accompanied by Franz Rolinck

Living Golf, founded by Franz Rolinck in 2001 in Africa, is dedicated to an innovative approach to golf, based on ancient wisdom. It uses golf as a tool for stress reduction, teamwork and flow. In his youth Franz Rolinck played in German National Golf Team. Living Golf is active in three areas: Life-Coaching (1:1, Group and Business Coaching), Living Golf for Peace Tournaments and Living Golf’s Empowerment of young people.

Friends & Experiences

"… they are having a fantastic time - good for the soul!"

“Was mir an Living Golf gefällt, ist die Ausgewogenheit zwischen Technik und Loslassen. Als Kopfmensch versuche ich es oft, ‘richtig zu machen’.”


Dr. Sven Werchan

Ernährungs- und Orthomolekularmediziner

“I got power!”

Lady in Scotland

Happy Customer

“Bereits beim Aufwärmen und einer Kombination aus Atem- und Achtsamkeitsübungen war klar, dass dies ein ganz besonderes Golf-Erlebnis sein würde.”

Thomas Pablo Hilker

Internationaler Projektmanager